WeoGeo Basics

Learn the basics of using WeoGeo.


How do I create a WeoGeo Market Account?

A WeoGeo Market account can be created here. Learn more about how to create a Market account with: Signing up for a WeoGeo Market Account.

Why do I need to create an Account?

WeoGeo customizes every order to meet your needs, and uses the email address supplied during the registration process to contact you when your order has been processed and is ready to download.

Finding Data

How do I find data?

On the MapView page, data is organized by geographic location. To find data, locate your area of interest on the map. This can be done with your mouse, the zoom bar, or by searching for a place name. Once you have navigated to your area of interest, the search results will display data found for that area. Click on a dataset in the Search & Results panel to order or learn more about the data.

Finding Data on WeoGeo Market

Ordering and Customizing Data

How do I order data?

Once you have found the data you wish order, you can select your customization options, then click the order button to begin the checkout process from the DataView page.

After you have completed your order, it will be submitted for processing. Once your order is has been processed you will receive an email informing you that your order is ready to be downloaded.

For more information about the ordering process, see: Ordering Data on WeoGeo Market.

How do I customize data?

Customization options vary between datasets. Most data listings can be customized or ordered in their original format, but some listings do not allow customization.

Customization options appear on the DataView page for a data listing and include:

  • Spatial Customization: use the Map Tools to create a custom download area by drawing a polygon on the map
  • Dataset Properties: modify values such as file format and datum-projection

Learn more about customization options.

Customizing Data on WeoGeo Market

How long does it take to process a data order?

Processing time depends on the size and complexity of the data ordered. Most orders are processed within a few minutes. However very large, complex orders can take several hours or days to process. When your order has been processed, you will receive an email informing you that your order is ready to be downloaded.

Downloading Data

How do I know when my data is ready to be downloaded?

When your order has been processed, you will receive an email informing you that your order is ready to be downloaded.

How do I download data?

To download your order, you will need to access the download page. This can be accessed through the link included in the email you receive informing you that your order is ready to be downloaded or through the Orders page of your WeoGeo Account (click “Download Ready” to access the download page).

From the download page, click the “Download” link to download your order.

Downloading Data from WeoGeo Market

Your downloaded order will be compressed in a ZIP file and will have to be decompressed in order to be accessed. To decompress your order:

  • On a Windows computer: right-click the ZIP file, click Extract All, and then follow the instructions.
  • On Mac OS: double-click the ZIP file.

See Downloading your Order for details on accessing your data download and downloading your order.

Still Have Questions?

Visit our support pages for more information about using WeoGeo.