MapView Help

From WeoGeo’s MapView page you can search for spatial datasets by location and keywords.


  1. Search: search for datasets by location or by keywords. For locations, search for a place name or coordinates to move the map to a new location.
  2. Advanced Search: refine your search with additional search options, clicking the filter button opens a new panel with additional search options.
  3. Map: displays the geographic location you are searching.
  4. Top Menu Bar: after you have signed-in, the top menu bar displays your user name and links to your cart, account, and help.
  5. Zoom Bar: use to zoom in or out of a location
  6. Search Results: results of listings found within the geographic area shown on the map and within the parameters of your text search. Click on any result for more information or to purchase.
  7. Permalink: gives you a web address (URL) for your map and search results that can be easily shared with others and an option to embed the map and search results in a website.
  8. RSS: subscribe to an RSS feed for your search results. Be notified when new datasets are added or when existing datasets are changed
  9. Coordinates: displays the latitude and longitude location of your cursor on the map

For more information on navigating through MapView and finding data, see our tutorial: Finding Data on WeoGeo Market.