DataView Help

DataView pages display the details for a data listing and a preview map of the data. It also includes all the tools you need to customize and order the dataset.

DataView Page

  1. Data Preview Image: preview of the full dataset
  2. Navigation Indicator Box: this red box displays your position in the Data Preview Map. Moving this box in the Data Preview Image will move the Data Preview Map to the corresponding location
  3. Dataset Details: displays the technical details of the dataset
  4. Data Preview Map: preview map of the dataset. Used for spatial customization.
  5. Top Menu Bar: after you have signed-in, the top menu bar displays your user name and link to your cart, account, and help.
  6. Location Search: move the Data Preview Map to a new location. Search by place name or coordinates (in decimal degrees or degrees, minutes, seconds).
  7. Zoom Bar: use to zoom in or out of a location
  8. Links: links to share data with others. Includes a downloadable preview KML, a preview KML displayed in Google Maps, a permalink to the DataView page for the dataset, and a widget. For more information, see: Sharing Data Through Links.
  9. Social Media: share links to dataset listings through social media sites. Links for Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are available.
  10. Order All: option to order the full, original data with no customizations.
  11. Price: price of the data listing. A price range will be shown for listings whose cost varies based on the amount of data ordered and as customizations are selected the price value will change.
  12. Customization Options: tools and options for customizing the data.
  13. Description: description of the data listing.
Customization Options
  1. Order Now: places the data order with the selected customization options.
  2. Price: price of the data listing. For Listings whose cost varies with the amount of data ordered, the price value will change based on the area of data selected.
  3. Size: displays the estimated size of your order.
  4. Map Tools: tools used for spatial customization within the Data Preview Map.
    - Pan: use to navigate by clicking and dragging the map.
    - Polygon Selection: draw a polygon around the area of data you would like to order (shown in yellow on the above map). Click to add vertices and double click to close the polygon and complete your selection.
    - KML Selection: upload a KML polygon to create an order selection area. Learn more about creating selection areas with KMLs.
    - Remove Selection: remove an existing selection polygon.
  5. Datum-Projection: select the datum and projection in which the data will be delivered.
  6. File Format: select the file format in which the data will be delivered.
  7. Layers: available for some vector data. Option to select a single dataset to download (if the data listing includes multiple datasets) or allows the user to order data a subset of the data based on attribute values. Click “Select” to view and modify the layer selection.
  8. Spatial Resolution: (not shown) Available for raster data. Gives the option to modify the spatial resolution of the data.

To learn more about DataView, customization, and ordering data, see: Ordering Data on WeoGeo Market.